Condo Lighting Ideas

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Condo Lighting Ideas

Condo living has many advantages. You can purchase a condo home in one of the city’s trendiest areas at a fraction of the cost of a single-family dwelling, for example. Your condo will probably offer amenities like a gym, pool or party room. Security is usually better in a condo than in any other dwelling and maintenance is never a problem. However, condo living does have some challenges. The average condo is smaller than a single family dwelling, so you may have to find ways to make your home feel larger. Lighting can actually help you accomplish this. Modern lighting can create the effects you want and accent areas of choice for a smaller space. 

Types of Lighting

There are three basic types of lighting:
  • General
  • Task
  • Accent
General lighting, sometimes called "ambient lighting,” is the overall light in the room, including natural light from sources such as windows, doors and skylights, as well as from artificial sources. Task lighting is illumination provided for specific purposes, such as reading, cooking, sewing or other tasks where additional light is useful. Accent lighting is used to place added emphasis on art, décor or architectural features in your home.
There are various types of light fixtures that can help you light your condominium efficiently and beautifully. The right kind of illumination can help make your place look more spacious, as well as serve the needs of your family.
General lighting is often comprised of pot lighting in the walls or ceiling, recessed lighting, flush-mounted or semi-flush mounted ceiling lights or ceiling-fan lights. It’s usually desirable to have ambient lights on a dimmer switch, so that you can adjust levels according to need. Remember to keep the height of your ceiling in mind when installing ceiling lights.
Task lighting is focused on specific areas. An area can be lit with a desk lamp or table lamp or a floor lamp that can be positioned to provide illumination for homework, reading, or crafting. For counters where you’ll be doing cooking or food prep, fluorescent lights can be installed underneath cupboards. Many homeowners choose chandeliers or pendant lights to illuminate the dining area. Sconce lighting is common in the bathroom, as is lighting that frames the mirror. If extra lighting is required for dressing, spotlights can be focused on the closet or mirror area. Be mindful of the sizing when searching for the proper lighting for this. 
Accent lights vary according to the feature that’s being emphasized. Track lighting or recessed lamps are sometimes used, as are sconces.

Buying Light Fixtures

One of the best ways to purchase light fixtures is online. Browsing online stores can give you a complete picture of what’s available and can help you identify the styles and materials you prefer. Online shopping also offers great convenience; you can shop from the comfort of your home, at the hour you want. And online stores will deliver products directly to your door. Canadian online merchants specializing in lighting products can save money for condo owners, since ordering from the U.S. or other countries can result in cross-border brokerage fees and other hidden costs.
Be sure to choose a company that specializes in lighting, since these professionals will have the best inventory, featuring lighting products with the most up-to-date LED technology.
Light up your condo and live life on the bright side!